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CANNAMIEL CASTAÑO (425 GR). 375 Gr of Raw Chestnut Honey and 50 Gr of Hemp BIO.

CANNAMIEL CASTAÑO (425 GR). 375 Gr of Raw Chestnut Honey and 50 Gr of Hemp BIO.
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Chesnut honey, like all honey has therapeutic properties, some of the most remarkable are that it facilitates blood circulation and is rich in iron. Honey Chesnut, goes from light to dark, depending on its time of flowering and other varieties that may interfere. It is very appreciated for its anti-inflammatory power, and its exquisite flavor. On the palate smooth, sweet and woody.

Chesnut Honey has the following sensory characteristics:

Visual appearance (color). Amber - dark amber, minimum 70mm Pfund. With clear brownish - green tones, especially in the contact zone of the honey with the glass wall of the container.

To Rome. Floral, with a clear and marked woody component, to dry wood.

Taste (mouth sensations). Taste sweet with salty notes and frequently, if heather brewing mostly, bitter notes; Acid notes if you have brambles.

Touch (crystallization). Tendency to low crystallization, except with important accompaniment of legumes.

To this delicious honey we have added CAÑAMO BIO in its proper measure. This function is ideal for healthy and energizing breakfasts. The union of both will create in your palate a fusion of flavors that will make this honey, your favorite for breakfast.

A honey for the most demanding palates.

Reference: Referencia CAS.001
Sizes: 425 GR

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