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Partida Plana Vella s/n Xerta,
43592 Tarragona (España)
Company type: Manufacturer

DAMA DE ELAIA S.L. is a family-owned and operated company. For the last decade, it has been growing olives for almost craft milling, but with a very clear aim of 'creating the oil on the olive tree itself, carefully tending and respecting it'. As everyone knows, the quality of an oil depends on the quality of the olive used, so it goes without saying that the quality of the olive results from the tree's quality of life. Inspired by this philosophy, we want to take things a step further and share with you this exceptional olive oil: DAMA DE ELAIA. To create our oil, we have built an ecological mill (zero waste) on the estate, which is 100% environmentally friendly. All these elements -our hundred-year-old olive trees, our respect for ecology and the environment, the latest techniques in extracting the oil, together with carefully chosen suppliers- are combined to bring you knowing connoisseurs, capable of recognising quality, our Organic Extra Virgin Oil Olive: DAMA DE ELAIA.

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